Friday, April 10, 2009

Highlights from DC.

~Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. I don't know what set me off, but I was in tears.
~Sitting on the lawn across from the White House, just relaxing and taking it all in.
~Library card for the Library of Congress! Terrible picture on it, though. Fuck it, who cares?
~The Capitol building is immense and truly a thing of beauty. I could stare at it for hours.
~The Metro is amazingly clean and pleasant.
~Walking around in the rain, past the Grant statue, and wishing I could share this feeling with the world.
~Everyone here is very friendly. It's staggering.
~The Coast Guard Honor Guard putting on a show at the WWII Memorial. What an awesome bit of serendipity that was.
~Bucket drummer guy. Some of the best laughs and certainly the best 20m. spent here.
~"You fucked Lumbergh?"
~Drunken Metro ride
_being CB'd by gay friends, blonde girl Ronnie squeezing some poor sleeping guy's nose shut
~giving away pins and rings
~Bohemian Rhapsody slurred and butchered by a howling group of ecstatic drunk people (myself included)
~smoking in bars
~"Ghandi kicked your ass"
~Yuengling on tap
~falling in love on the Metro
~Venture Brothers at midnight and hushed snickers, "I dare you to make less sense"
~goofing off on the Mall
~surreality and naturalism of seeing James and Chris
~knocking over potted plants in The Leadership Institute
~South Park in the Metro station, "ooooh, -naggers!"
~Thai food and Cold Stone
~"that's a pun!"
~$3.50 for a slice of pizza bigger than my head
~P-90s on the Secret Service guys
~cherry blossoms and beavers
~the perfect layout of the park & restaurants
~being hustled at pool and then being treated by the same guys to the grossest and most wretched strip club I've yet seen
~tequila shots that were way too big
~cute Chilean women

and ever-so-much more.

What a silly world.

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