Monday, March 9, 2009

Booze, coffee, and lies.

So I got all manner of liquored up. Poured the Jim into the coffee and proceeded on. Went for a refill and told pretty girl behind the counter to go easy on the bourbon this time and to fill me up with her coffeety goodness. In those exact words. She laughed but I am unsure if it was a "what a silly boy" way or a "what the fuck is with this kid" way. Whatever, booze.

Told my folks a yarn about why I was acting like I had a half-pint of liquor in me. The kids in the place from earlier were from Carolina or maybe Pennsylvania, they had that sort of middle colonies/southernish twang, told my folks I met them at a bar right down the way and they were all like "oh hey guy we just met, we're drunk and on vacation, let us do many shots." They seemed to buy it and were just happy I had a good time. That I did, lads and lasses.

From earlier:

"I just saw like the #3 cutest girl I've ever seen. I was having a smoke and she was out there in her hoodie and black hair talking pirate to a little boy walking by with a little sword. "ARRRRRRRR you being a good boy today?" My heart just skipped like thirteen beats."

It's true. I should have talked to her, but she was down the way talking with a friend and blah blah blah I didn't, surprise surprise. Then I went home and ate steak and watched Pineapple Express and now I am in my room contemplating sleep.

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