Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stuff happeing RIGHT NOW.

I am hesitant to get all boozed up in public here but I really want to test the shock of just swigging from my bottle of booze in the middle of the cafe. I have a pint of Jim Beam in my bag that I would like to pull from in a heavy and measured manner, but I am nervous and don't want to be coy and silly and do it in the bathroom like some child out and about somewhere.

A bunch of people just came in and all the women in the group are fifteen kinds of everything I want and the guys seem cool and almost entirely gay but not entirely. I am not entirely about the sex, I'd like to meet people who aren't young and completely stupid so I can go out for drinks and be sociable with folk. They have all crowded around my area and a couple of ladies are looking at the stickers on my laptop. Then the ladies are looking at me and then going back to conversation and then kinda looking back and I know what that means but they seem impenetrable.

Wow, there are like 12 of them, I think they may be from out of town, which would be sad if I did start talking to them. Lots of people come to Newport from the outlying towns of RI and MA and CT, so when the weather is good one can never really tell. Whatever, I am going to drink my booze and then my coffee and then laugh at everyone maybe probably somehow what?

Bye byes.

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